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Controllers for solid-state laser systems





Hardware controller for flashlamp lasers



- control of charger

- control of charger up to 4 pcs

- control of capacitor charging voltage

- switching of laser heads – one of two

- control of simmer circuit

- control of counter for one or two lamps

- control of water and gas valves for cooling of tissue

- servicing of foot- switch and door- switch signal

- servicing of temperature measurement for two heads

- servicing of temperature measurement of cooling water

- servicing of water flow sensor

- servicing of alarm signals of the charger

- servicing of shutters – one or two

- system of setting the threshold and maximum power of the laser

- system of sequential discharge in the lamps

- servicing controlled pulse generator

- servicing system for control of voltage of main

- protection system against untimely switching on the charger ( in case of occurrence of transients after the mains power supply has been switched on )

- protection system against the continuous discharge in the lamp ( caused by the presence of  the next pulse before the current in the lamp from the previous pulse vanishes )

- possibility of complex control by means of an external microprocessor controller or external analog signals



ESLT – 045 is a hardware controller of the electrical system of  a solid - state pulsed laser. The controller services, in a complex way, all laser subassemblies, and, of course, co-operates with a software controller. The hardware construction of the controller gives a very high level of safety of laser operation owing to its resistance top interference and stoppage of  the system. It is known that these types of lasers are characterized by a high-level interference, which is often a cause of stoppage and improper operation in software controllers. The controller can co-operate with all types of lasers operating on a basis of a flashlamp. An additional advantage is the possibility to service two laser heads within one piece of equipment.


Technical parameters:

supply voltage                                             24 [V]

inputs                                              open collector

outputs                                           open collector

service oscillator                                   1-200 [Hz]

reference voltage for charger                    0-5 [V]

idle time after switch-on                                2 [s]

idle time after pulse                                    2 [ms]

control of shutters                                 +/- 12 [V]

control of counters                          5[ms]   24 [V]

control of electro-valves                              24 [V]





Hardware controller for CW lasers


-          linear control of the lamp power (control of voltage and current ratio)

-          control of current source converter

-          control of ignition circuit of the lamp

-          control of q-switch driver

-          control of average laser output power by closed loop between power meter and q-switch VCO

-          control of shutter

-          independent control of q-switch driver

-          servicing of alarm signals

            --"over temperature of cooling medium"

      --"over temperature of the head"

      --"over flow of internal cooling medium"

      --"over flow of external cooling medium"

      --"over load"

      --"over temperature of power supply"

      --"lamp failed"

-          servicing of  "foot-switch" and "door-switch" signals



The ESCON - 040 hardware controller is designed for complex servicing of the solid - state lasers pumped with a CW arc lamp. Its construction is characterized by high resistance to interference, owing to applying a galvanic isolation of the system from the remaining laser systems.


Technical parameters:

supply voltage                                       +24 [V]

inputs                                          open collector

outputs                                        open collector

frequency for q-switch                   0,5-20 [kHz]

output reference voltage                        0-5 [V]

input measure voltage                            0-5 [V]




Microprocessor controller for solid - state lasers 


-          control of laser output power

-          control of energy of pulsed laser

-          control of PWM 

-          frequency control for pulsed laser

-          control of shutter

-          control of two electrical valves

-          control of Q-switch driver

-          servicing of alarm signals

            --"over temperature of cooling medium"

      --"over temperature of the head 1"

      --"over temperature of the head 2"

      --"over flow of internal cooling medium"

      --"over flow of external cooling medium"

      --"over load"

      --"over voltage"

      --"over temperature of power supply"

      --"lamp 1st to 4th failed"

-          servicing of  "foot-switch" and "door-switch" signals

-          servicing of alpha-numerical LCD display and LED numerical display

-          optically isolated inputs and outputs

-          galvanic isolated uP system

-          four analog reference outputs

-          four analog measure inputs


The microprocessor ESUP - 020 controller is intended for full servicing of solid - state lasers pumped by a CW flashlamp. Its construction features high resistance to interference owing to applying the isolation of the microprocessor system from the remaining laser subsystems. Individually a version of the software is prepared for a given controller. As an user’s interface, there are alphanumerical LCD numerical LED and keyboard attached to the controller. A compact metal case and standard connectors make the controller easy to use and assemble



Technical parameters:

supply voltage                                          +24 [V]

inputs                                             open collector

outputs                                           open collector

output frequency                                  1-200 [Hz]

outputs reference voltage                          0-5 [V]

measured voltage                                       0-5 [V]





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