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The Electric System & Laser Technology Company was established in the year 1990, in the city of Katowice. Following the original assumptions, the company's performance was to include industrial automation and laser technology, together with servicing  the control - measuring equipment, which was to be the main source of income in the initial period of the company's activity. Unfortunately, the economic transformations in the beginning of the 90 - ties had resulted in worsening of the financial condition of state - owned companies which were supposed to be main customers of the company in the field of servicing, and, as a consequence, the activities in laser technology came into prominence. 

In the mid - nineties, the majority of work was focused in the electronic circuits designed to the lasers pumped with discharge lamps, as well as in diode and gas lasers. In this period of time, the first power supply and control systems for solid state lasers came into being. Our customers were such companies as Central Mining Institute, Katowice, Industrial Electronics Institute, Warsaw; Institute of Applied Optics, Warsaw; Institute of Electronics Meterials Technology, Warsaw, Technical University of Rzeszˇw and others.

 In the latter part of the 90 - ties, owing to the rapidly developing sales market in medicine, we had increased the rate of work focused around the lasers with this type of application. At that time our first developments in medical lasers had appeared, designed for the MC Laser company which engaged with the lot production of this equipment. Among the lasers of greater importance, one can count the multi - functional combined laser for dental applications, CO2 laser intended for making bloodless surgical interventions, neodymium and ruby lasers for removal of excessive hair. At those times, there had also appeared a series of bio-stimulation lasers designed for the MC Laser and having the general medical appropriation. In the year 2000 we had included in our offer a new series of OEM subassemblies for solid - state lasers. These comprise, among the others, power supplies controllers, optical and entire lasers in the OEM version. 

In the year 2001, we presented first time our offer in Munich, at the largest laser technology exhibition on the World, acquiring this way new sales markets. Our most important objective is to get the status of the one of leading European companies in the field of solid state laser OEM devices. If you have any needs concerning laser technology please don't hesitate and contact us for detailed custom quotation.




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