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Optical elements designed for solid-state lasers


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The elements specified below have high - quality layers and standard dimensions. On individual order, there is a possibility to prepare any laser optics elements.

We have special promotion optics prices for customers which want to buy pump cavities or optical systems !

Standard pricelist



HR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $80.50,-
HR@1064+HR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $88,50,-
R55%@1064+AR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $88,50,-
R80%@1064+AR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $73,00,-
HR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 12,5x6mm  please ask
HR@1064+HR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 12x6mm $56,00,-
R55%@1064+AR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 12x6mm $73,00,-
R80%@1064+AR@1064, i-00, BK-7, 12x6mm $73,00,-
HR@2940, i-00, CaF2, 12x6mm please ask
HR@2940,r-1500,i-00,CaF2,12x6mm $138,00,-
R80%@2940+AR@2940,i-00,CaF2,12x6mm $138,00,-
HR@2940, r-1500, i-00, undoped YAG, 12,7x6,35mm $220,00,-
R80%@2940+AR@2940,i-00, undoped YAG, 12,7x6,35mm $220,00,-
HR@694, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $48,00,-
HR@694, r-1000, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $88,50,-
R82%@694, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $80,50,-
R82%@694, r-3000, i-00, BK-7, 25x6mm $96,60,-
HR@1064+HR@670, i-45, BK-7, 25x6mm $80,50,-
HR@532+HR@670, i-45, BK-7, 20x3mm $64,50,-
HR@694+HR@532, i-45, BK-7, 20x3mm $64,50,-
HR@1064+HR@670, i-45, BK-7, 20x3mm $64,50,-
HR@2940+HR@670, i-45, Si, 20x3mm $80,50,-
HR@10600+HR@670, i-45, Si, 20x3mm $80,50,-




f-15, AR/AR, BK-7, 15x6 $48,00,-
f-125, AR/AR, BK-7, 20x3mm $48,00,-
f-125, AR/AR, CaF2, 20x3mm $129,00,-
f-125, AR/AR, ZnSe, 20x3mm $225,00,-
f-800, AR/AR, BK-7, 20x3mm $48,00,-
f-800, AR/AR, CaF2, 20x3mm $129,00,-
f-800, AR/AR, ZnSe, 20x3mm $225,00,-
f-1000, AR/AR, BK-7, 20x3mm $48,00,-
f-1000, AR/AR, CaF2, 20x3mm $129,00,-
f-1000, AR/AR, ZnSe, 20x3mm $225,00,-
f-1500, AR/AR, BK-7, 20x3mm $48,00,-
f-1500, AR/AR, CaF2, 20x3mm $129,00,-
f-1500, AR/AR, ZnSe, 20x3mm $229,00,-




Er:YAG 4X100 AR/AR@2940 FLAT/FLAT $885,00,-
Er:YAG 4X100 AR/AR@2940 FLAT/FLAT    (available from  50 pcs) $876,00,-
Nd:YAG 4X100 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT $853,00,-
Nd:YAG 4X100 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT, CW $950,00,-
Nd:YAG 5X100 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT, CW please ask
Nd:YAG 6,35X100 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT, CW please ask
Nd:YAG 6,3X130 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT $1.530,00,-
Nd:YAG 6,5X150 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT    $1.610,00,-
Nd:YAG 6,5X150 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT    (available from  50 pcs) $1.465,00,-
Nd:YAG 8X140 AR/AR@1064 FLAT//FLAT $2.254,00,-
Nd:GLASS 10 X 300 AR/AR@1064 FLAT/FLAT $690,00,-
RUBY 6,5x120x180 FLAT/FLAT    $1.450,00,-
RUBY 8x120x180 FLAT/FLAT    $1.750,00,-
RUBY 10x120x180 FLAT/FLAT $1.760,00,-
RUBY 10x120x180 BREWSTER/BREWSTER $2.070,00,-
Ho:YAG 4 x 105 AR/AR@2140 FLAT/FLAT $1.440,00,-
Ho:YAG 5 x 105 AR/AR@2140 FLAT/FLAT $1.610,00,-




KTP, AR/AR@1064+532, 5x5x7 $362,00,-
CLBO, AR/AR@532+266, 5x5x7 please ask
KTP, uncoated, 5x5x7 $341,00,-




EQS-08/100 crystal quartz 8mm dia. AR/AR@1064 with DRV   




  • The dielectric layers are of high resistance
  • high quality active and passive materials
  • Possibility of manufacture special orders



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