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Optical system operating on the basis of the Er:YAG laser


ROS - 030 PW

Ready - made system for the Er:YAG laser with a single - lamp pump cavity provided with the BaSO4 diffusion reflector. The system is intended to operate mainly in medical lasers for removal of soft and hard tissues. A short compact casing and electrical and water connectors placed outside make it easy to operate and assemble. The lamp of the head has the 100mm - long electrical arc and can operate in the range 100 to 400 [us] with energy of 50 [J]. To electrical servicing, there are dedicated: DSC - 010; CHG - 3000 charger, SMP - 010 simmer, ESCON - 045 and ESUP - 020 controllers. The system can also co - operate with other power supply and control units. Additionally, the system can be provided with the LOA - 07/11 articulated arm.




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