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Dual - head optical system - Nd:YAG + Er:YAG lasers


ROS - 050 DBL

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The ready-made optical system of the Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers for medical applications. The optical bench of the system includes two laser heads equipped with separate optical, resonators together with the systems of entering the beam into an SMA connector and into an optical arm. When used with the LOA-07/11 optical arm, the system is intended to operate in the vertical position, therefore it is possible to mount it in a vertical column casing. For complex servicing of the optical system, the DSC - 010 discharger system is dedicated. It additionally contains two red pilot lasers as well as shutters and temperature sensors. To service the system, the following systems are dedicated: charger CHG - 3000, simmer SMP - 010, controller ESCON - 045, and controller ESUP - 020. The full electrical system is provided with compatible connectors which facilitates its assembling and setting in operation. 

Technical parameters:

Laser type                                     Nd:YAG/Er:YAG

Wavelength                                      1064/2940 [nm]

Width of pulse                                               200 [us]

Repetition frequency                             100/10 [Hz]

Energy of one pulse                             400/600 [mJ]



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