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Optical system operating on the basis of the ruby laser


ROS - 060 PW

Ready- made optical system of the pulsed ruby laser together with a two-lamp pump cavity provided with a BaSO4 diffusion reflector. The system is mainly intended to operate in medical lasers used for hair removal. The compact short casing and external electricity and water connections make the system simple to use and operate. The lamps included in the head have an electrical arc 120 mm in length and can operate in the range 1.5 to 40 [ms] with the energy of  230 [J] per lamp. To serve the system, there is the dedicated discharger DSC - 020, charger CHG - 8000, simmer SMP - 020, controller ESCON - 045, and controller ESUP - 020. The system can also co-operate with other power supply and control systems. In addition, it can be equipped with the LOA-07/11 optical arm.



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