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Designing of subassemblies and entire laser systems Production of laser subassemblies and systems following the customer's specification


Essential benefits
  • Moderate prices
  • Short realization terms
  • Performance reliability


Our experience: We have been engaged in designing and implementing in production of solid-state laser subassemblies and systems since 1991. Our greatest experience is with the neodymium, erbium and ruby lasers which are currently produced by us. The many - years' experience connected with designing electronic systems that are necessary for laser operation, gives us the possibility to create high - performance constructions characterized by high reliability. The experience in the field of designing optical systems based on solid lasers also enables us to create reliable, stably operating constructions. The many - years' collaboration with the supplies of laser subassemblies from all over the world, ensures us the supplies of hard to reach elements, owing to which we can realize complex servicing of our customers.




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